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Helexco Company Ltd was established in London in 1979 and opened a sister office in Piraeus in 2000. Our company’s main scope is the provision of ship equipment and engineering services. As a result of long-term relationships with our partners, we provide trustworthy solutions regarding on-board systems.

Through the years Helexco managed to create good expertise on how maritime industry and marine regulations work. Over 20 years in the field of gas detection grant us with a vast amount of knowledge over safety systems. Our well-trained engineers can service and maintain any gas detection system. We provide services such as calibration, maintenance and even retrofitting on any project. In collaboration with the best manufacturers, our sales department can provide a wide variety of portable and personal gas measurement instruments for every need and administer smart solutions on calibration methods and smart stock control for every vessel.

For over 20 years Helexco in cooperation with the best makers worldwide AIR LIQUIDE and CALGAZ, provides calibration gases for all your gas detection needs. Our team possesses great knowledge regarding precision and calibration gases. To cover a wider range of systems on-board, since 2013, Helexco also cooperates with Azienda Chimica Genovese regarding the installation and maintenance of antifouling MGPS/ICCP units.

40 years of experience in the field and a team always willing to serve your maritime needs, is the key to create trust and confidence in what we do.

We are always eager to answer every question and help any way we can. Please take a look at our partners and activities page. For any further explanation regarding any of our activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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