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Internet & Connectivity


Helexco is partners with ACG (Azienda Chimica Genovese), the leading makers of Anti-Fouling MGPS and ICCP Systems worldwide.

Calibration Gases

Distribution of precision and calibrations gases is one of our core activities. Our sales team possesses vast knowledge of calibration [...]

Communication Equipment

Communication equipment is a very important aspect of safety. Helexco provides VHF/UHF radios as well as spare parts for them...

Engines and Spare Parts

Helexco’s long time partnership with Yanmar allows our team to provide you with solutions for main engines and diesel generators.

Gas Detection Equipment

Our company’s personnel have spent years of training and specializing on safety regulations regarding gas detection.

Gas Detection Training and Service

Helexco Service Team is hands down one of the most focused and well-trained teams in the Gas Detection field. Our [...]

Oil Mist

One of our major activities in the safety field is Oil Mist Detection. Helexco is collaborating with QMI (Quality Monitoring [...]

Smart Monitoring

Safe@C smart monitoring application provides real-time control over critical times, related to gas detection systems and safety equipment.

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