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Helexco is partners with ACG (Azienda Chimica Genovese), the leading makers of Anti-Fouling MGPS and ICCP Systems worldwide.
We support New Building Projects as well as Retrofitting Projects regarding MGPS and ICCP systems.
Our company also provides a worldwide network of engineers for servicing and maintaining Anti-Fouling systems, along with spare parts such as copper anodes, pumps, logic boards, transformers etc.
ACG is part of the official list of authorized suppliers to sell active substances like copper according to article 95 and ECHA. Helexco follows all new regulations about Anti-Fouling.
Our Team is always ready to inform you about the latest news in the field, providing suggestions and solutions in order to meet the latest requirements.
Corrosion protection and water treatment are a key factor to every vessel’s health and we believe that ACG’s approach to this crucial matter is the most efficient in the market.

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