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Gas Detection Training and Service

Helexco Service Team is one of the most focused and well-trained teams in the Gas Detection field. Our Engineers spend years on training and certification on both personal and fixed gas detection equipment. Capable of fixing the weirdest and most challenging issues. Specialists on Riken Keiki Group, Honeywell, Komyo and Toka products. We also calibrate and service portable and personal gas monitors both at our premises and on board.

Helexco provides Training services to a wide list of shipping companies.

Helexco certify your crew gas detection abilities after a seminar. Each training sessions is customized according to customer needs. Crew members will learn how to use the on-board equipment, how to perform small service jobs and calibrate their personal and portable instruments. Our Instructors will also inform the crew about safety regulation and ways to protect themselves in hazardous zones. Each member is then tested and certified. Enrolling in such training sessions is very important for the members of the crew.

Learning when and how to operate Portable and Fixed Gas Detection Units is crucial for their safety and well-being. Our experience shows considerable improvement of understanding the gas detection equipment and reduction of accidents due to misleading technics and inappropriate use. Knowing your tools is a number one priority on such dangerous fields.


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